Beauty From Ashes

Nov 12, 2023 | TC3, TCCC

Each month as part of my Visual Storytelling Project, I will be creating a mixed media piece of artwork.  i decided that I would use these pieces of artwork as a way for the battered and trafficked women to participate in art therapy in the storyline.  So, each month I am presenting a piece of artwork accompanied by a writing that represents their current struggles as they learn to reacclimate to day to day life.  These pieces will reflect their fears, their battles, their mental health, and how they are learning to cope. DISCLAIMER:  This mixed media artwork and writing are part of a fictional story.


A parent’s duty,
To protect and nurture life,
Yet, harm was their gift.

Oh, painful sadness,
When love turns sour, hearts break,
Childhood dreams destroyed.

Tears fall like raindrops,
Broken bonds, shattered promises,
Love turned bitter, cold.

But beauty shall rise,
From the ashes, love will soar,
To find peace, healing.


Several of the counselors at TC3 use art therapy with the younger children to help them give a visual voice to their emotional struggles. This piece of artwork was created by one of the little boys who has a history of child abuse in the home. The mother, sister, and the little boy are in one of domestic violence abuse shelters that we work with on a regular basis. His artwork tells the story of a broken family where there was pain, but now the little boy is beginning to have hope as his mom, sister, and he start their healing journey. They are moving away from the darkness and the darkened heart into brighter days


Over 600,000 children are abused in the Us each year. In 77% of the substantiated cases, the child was victimized by a parent. Children’s Advocacy Centers educate over 1 million people each year with abuse prevention education. They served over 300,000 child victims of abuse in 2022 providing victim advocacy and support to the children and their families. They provide counseling and therapy services to 200,000+ children per year.

Until next time pray and play every day

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