Dec 19, 2023 | TC3

As I have been creating characters and environments for The Creative Community Center storyline, I’ve been contemplating how to present the scenes that combine the characters and environments.

At first, I thought I would simply write a book.  However, after investing time in the creation of the characters and environments I want to actually use them to tell the story visually.  But I don’t want to present them like a comic book or a graphic novel.

In my mind’s eye when I create a scene there is a whole individual short story attached to the scene.  It can stand alone, but it also connects to other scenes with other characters and environments.  As I continued to ponder this, I realized that I was envisioning this more like tv episodes in a series.  Most the time if you watch the “what happened last time” segment and then watch the episode you can follow along pretty well.  (For most shows)  Each of the episodes build on the previous one, but they tell a short story of a snapshot in time.  Does that make sense?

Right now, I have just been creating the individual characters and slowly, very slowly, creating the environments for the story.  The only writing has been to write short biographies for each of the characters.  I have a couple more adult characters to create (2 to be exact) and then I need to post the images of child characters in the After School Program.  The women who are escaping domestic violence or trafficking won’t have characters created because there would never be a photo record of them available on the internet.  Their privacy must be protected at all costs.  You might see their backs in a scene, but nothing else.

Starting in January of 2024, I would like to create my first episode/scene for the storyline.  I am thinking that it will be an image of Cassandra and Lin in college as Cassandra excitedly shows Lin her folder filled with her ideas for The Creative Community Center.  And then have the next scene be when they purchase the building of The Creative Community Center.

Well, those are the ideas I have for the moment on how to progress to the actual storytelling part of this project.  God will direct my next steps as we move forward.  I am looking forward to this next phase of the process.

Until next time pray and play every day

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