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Dec 7, 2023 | Blog, Healing Thoughts, Throwback Thursday

originally written in 2009 for All Saints Church

As I lay by the pool enjoying the Florida sun I listened to the squeaky giggles of a tiny child.  The laughter floated on the breeze circling each of us lying by the pool and embraced us in a joyful hug.  All of us looked over at the tiny little girl, smiles turning up the corners of our mouths.  I closed my eyes, snuggling back into my sun induced snooze.

I jerked awake as the angry cries belched forth from tiny lungs.  The same child was now royally perturbed at her mother for daring to lower her tiny feet into the cold pool water.  Her little legs churned pell-mell in the air in an attempt to avoid the water.  She was not happy!  Her cries let anyone in the vicinity know of her anger.  Her mother pulled her close, snuggling her tiny daughter to her chest.  The child was rocked in her mother’s arms; mother and child rocked to the age old rhythm of nurturing comfort. The child’s downy locks were showered with gentle kisses and nuzzles.  Angry cries were reduced to hiccups.  A mother’s love chased away the frustration of not being in control of where the young girl’s own feet were placed.

What freedom the tiny girl had – freedom to express herself.  What you see is what you get.  Or rather, what you hear is what you get!  One of the many gifts of childhood is the ability to express exactly how you are feeling.  When a child is happy, they laugh.  When they are sad, they cry.  When they are mad, they bellow.

When is the last time you openly expressed yourself?

As we grow older, we lose the freedom of true expression.  We begin to curtail our reactions so that we don’t offend, hurt, or disappoint others.  The problem with this is that we lose a part of ourselves in the process.  God created us to be communicators.  In the Garden, Adam and Eve spent their evenings walking and talking with God, a chorus of communication.  They held nothing back from the Lord – complete freedom of expression.  When Adam and Eve were together they naturally communicated with each other; an extension of their communicative relationship with the Lord.   We were created for communication and relationships.

Jesus tells His followers to be “like little children.”  Children express themselves (with and without words) openly to their parents.  In one of Beth Moore’s Bible Studies she confesses that she is a “Tattle Tale.”  When someone hurts her she runs to Jesus and tattles on that person.  She openly expresses exactly how she is feeling right at that moment.  When someone makes her mad she runs to Jesus and tattles.  And when someone makes her feel loved…you guessed it she runs to Jesus and tattles on that person.

Jesus knows the feelings that we hide in our hearts.  He wants to be the One to Whom we express our feelings.  He is the safe haven from the storm of our emotions.  Be a “Tattle Tale,” Jesus can handle it!  If the Doctor gives you a diagnosis that scares you. Run to Jesus to tell Him you’re scared!  If you are angry that your prayers don’t seem to be answered for a loved one.  Run to Jesus to tell Him that you are angry!  If your heart has been broken once again. Run to Jesus to tell Him that you’re hurt and you can’t take any more pain.

Jesus can handle any emotion you are feeling.  Let Jesus chase away the fear, anger, and heartbreak.  He wants you to tell Him how you are feeling.  He created you to be in constant communication with Him.

Don’t hold it in.  Come to Jesus like a little child.

Express yourself!

Until next time blessings and healing

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