For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.
Luke 19:10

I hope you are ready for brutal honesty because that is what I am writing today.  One of my pet peeves with the “system” of Christianity is that there seems to be an upspoken rule that we can’t speak about doubts or struggles.  It is like we are almost afraid that if we admit (speak the truth) that we sometimes fall short of being the perfect believer then we will be rejected by our own people.

I remember hearing a Pastor speaking about his struggles from the pulpit.  Afterwards, several people complained that he was a leader and he shouldn’t be publicly admitting that he struggled.  I had a completely different take on his sermon.

I found it refreshing that a leader was brave enough to share that he struggled at times even though he had a deep relationship with the Lord.  He wasn’t perfect.  He was human.  And part of his journey here on earth was to work through these struggles with the Lord so that he could draw even closer to the Lord.  He was walking out his healing.  And his sermon/testimony actually spoke to many people in the congregation giving them the encouragement they needed to get help.

Since leaving full time ministry, I’ve struggled with spates of feeling lost.  Not sure what my purpose is for the Kingdom anymore.  It’s like I’ve been walking through a fog.  Not able to see my next step.  Yet every step I take is bringing me closer to the light.  It might be dark behind me and beside of me, but through the fog I can see a light in front of me.

For me, a control freak, this has been part of the process of learning to surrender every area of my life to the Lord.  I am the Queen of Compartmentalizing.  So, I will keep stepping towards the light, through the fog, knowing that Jesus can see perfectly every step I take.  He will not let me go down the wrong path as long as I am seeking Him in the light ahead.

Art for me is often cathartic.  It enables to me to visually express what is going on in me emotionally.  It brings me clarity.  I believe that the Lord often speaks to me through the art that He has me create.  This image let me see that even in my moments of feeling lost, I was still walking towards the light.  I was still seeking Jesus.  Each step that I make is a step of faith bringing me closer to the Lord.

If you are feeling lost, I hope this image will show you that there is a light ahead of you.  God has a path for you even if you can’t see it through the fog.  Jesus’ whole purpose for coming to earth was to seek and save the lost.  That would be me and you.  We are never truly lost because Jesus is always seeking and saving us!  Put your hope in Him.



Until next time blessings and healing

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