Pastor Steve - March 7, 2013

Healing 101: Healing of Memories

Healing Thoughts Radio

Our minds function like a tape recorder faithfully recording every detail of our life from the moment of birth. Each experience in our life is recorded along with a record of the good/bad and the desirable/undesirable feelings that accompanied those experiences Therefore, the memory of each incident of hurt or offense has been dutifully recorded by our minds. When we suppress these incidents and neglect to forgive those who have hurt or offended us, a wound forms in us that has the propensity of turning into a bitter root that affects us body, mind, and spirit. Healing of these memories is needed if we don’t want these wounds to continue to grow and fester inside of us.

From Series: "Healing Thoughts Radio"

In 2013, The Healing Ministry at All Saints Church began hosting a weekly 30 minute radio show called Healing Thoughts Radio. The radio show was hosted by Pastor Steve and Kirsten on the BlogTalkRadio streaming service. The following audio recordings are the original files from the BlogTalkRadio site in chronological order of release.

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