Writing Prompt: Vagabond, Thumb, Underwear, Kaput

Timed Writing: 20 minutes

Take a few minutes to think about the words and what images come to your mind when you think of them.  Then make up a brand new definition for each of the words.

Vagabond:   Is a cohesive bond where the base molecule is a “vaga” molecule.  Vaga molecules are traveling molecules that form bonds with other molecules easily.  Scientists use vagabonds when they need to quickly manipulate a chemical and its properties.

Thumb:  Is the latest cell phone accessory created by the brilliant minds at Orange, Inc.  It is a wireless device that clips onto any cellphone.  Using the built in Bluetooth technology of the cell phone and a person’s brain BlueImplant ™ the device types all data on your cell phone for you.  The Thumb™ was created as a preventative device to eliminate phalange tunnel syndrome.

Underwear:  Is the patented Kylar™ sheet that is sealed to the top of wooden furniture.  It prevents your furniture from ever showing any wear and tear.  Underwear keeps your furniture looking brand new for centuries.  If you want to keep your expensive wood “under” the wear level then Underwear is the sealant you should choose!

Kaput:  Kaput stops your toddler in his tracks.  It is a two piece electronic system that prevents toddlers from escaping from any room, yard, or vehicle.  The Kaput necklace is worn around the parent’s neck.  When a toddler attempts to run out in the street the parent simply pushes the button on their necklace which activates a forcefield around their child…freezing them in their tracks.  The Kaput receiver is easily attached to the toddler’s clothing and it is completely safe and easy to use.

Writing Experience:
This was a fun exercise.  I like thinking about the words and then coming up with brand new definitions.  I think maybe I should become an inventor! lol

Until next time blessings and healing

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