Not Alone – Part 1

Jan 3, 2018 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Stories/Flash Fiction

She stood before the mirror staring blankly as she methodically brushed her teeth.  Each day it was the same droll routine – get up, eat breakfast, brush her teeth, and go to work.  She let her hazel eyes peruse the cubicle that contained her bathroom.  She was greeted with a white sterile environment that screamed “boring” at the top of its lungs.  With a deep sigh, she shut off the sonic toothbrush, placed it in the recharger, and reached for the grey starched uniform hanging stiffly on a wire hanger.  Glancing at the digital clock, displayed discreetly in the righthand corner of the mirror, she saw that she was exactly 7 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of schedule.

Yanking the uniform off its hanger she hastily dressed.  Then she stepped into the shower waiting for the sensor door to shut.  Guiltily she shot furtive glances around her enclosure, why she did that she had no clue.  Something inside of her warned that activity she was about to engage in was outside the perimeters of her absurdly mundane existence.  Excitement tingled through her body as she allowed her eyelids to cloak her eyes.  The exquisite colors shimmered in from the outskirts of her sight.

A wall of pure glittering gold encircled a city made of clear glass.  The city’s buildings greedily reflected the sky’s cerulean countenance.  The brick roads of the city winked their silver eyes as they consumed the sunlight ribbons waving down from the heavens.  Hills of verdant strolled along winding paths cut through the city’s outskirts.  Splashes of scarlet, cloistered on the branches of the trees, waved their welcome to the city’s patrons.

Her eyes jerked open as she stumbled backwards in shock.  Fear echoed through her body as she sought the culprit that had rudely interrupted her technicolored fantasy.  The shower door swooshed open as it sensed her proximity.  She peeked her head out.  Nobody was present, yet the hair on her arms stood at attention.  Movement to her left forced her head to whip around.  A brief flicker marred the white tile perfection of the bathroom’s west wall.  She blinked her eyes thinking that maybe something was in them that had caused the flicker.  Nothing was visible when she reopened her eyes.

A frown crinkled her brow, this was the third time in the last couple of weeks that she’d been plagued by the image of a flicker in her peripheral vision.  Pressing the band on her wrist she added a verbal reminder to go to the doctor to get her eyes checked.  Checking the time she realized that she was going to have to run to the Air-Tram if she wanted to be punctual for work.


Until next time blessings and healing

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