Not Alone – Part 3

Jan 5, 2018 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Stories/Flash Fiction

“Twice in one day!”  Zeta reprimanded himself as he rebooted his sight inhibitor shield yet again.  He had been mesmerized by Subject 124’s mental imaging.  The pure genius in the intricacies of the melody that 124 had hummed defied comprehension.  Shadows of doubt flitted through Zeta’s mind.  Maybe their subjects weren’t as simple minded as it had first been presumed.

Tossing a covert glance over his shoulder Zeta sent a mental signal to the Meglacognitive Generator to re-modulate his connection to the 12 subjects under his control.  His eyes widened as their brain activity appeared to expand exponentially.  The restrictive parameters set by the Generator had effectively masked the true functionality of his subjects’ brains.  Zeta was disturbed by this deception.

Why would the Meglacognitive Generator be programmed to give false brain activity information?  Zeta leaned back in his chair at a dangerous angle as he pondered the ramifications of his discovery.  Project Haleal had been promoted as the savior for the survival of his own planet.  But was their survival to be gained at the expense of another race of intelligent people.  Uncovering the true brain scan readings of his 12 subjects made Zeta wonder if Project Haleal was the reaper of cognitive death to a myriad of intelligent races throughout the galaxy?

Slamming doors and raised irate voices slapped him out of his mental wanderings.  Zeta rushed to the door of his observation room as Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta stormed down the hallway.  The hallway appeared to shrink in size as their combined breadth of shoulder filled it from one wall to the other.  Their voices boomed in the small space shaking the windows and rattling the doors.

Zeta grabbed Alpha’s assistant as she skittered after her boss.

“What is going on?”  His voice trembled with the fear that his discovery had been documented by the Generator.

“5000 Subjects just went off the grid!”  She yelled as she sped up.

The observer next door barged out into the hallway whispering, “It’s Subject 333.  He’s found a way to disconnect the Subjects from the Generator.”  She thrust a readout into Zeta’s hands.

He looked down at the images…it couldn’t be!  The images had to be wrong.  His eyes shot back up to the other observer who was visually trembling.

“Are you sure?”  Zeta asked in disbelief.  “Are you absolutely sure that these readouts are correct?”

Her chattering teeth prohibited her from forming words.  She stood nodding her head.

“This shows that their brains were somehow transformed into an intelligence that falls outside the scope of the Meglacognitive Generator’s programming.  That would mean that the subjects have the ability to use 100% of their brains.”

She nodded again.

“That can’t be right!” Zeta rebutted.  “Alpha only has the ability to use 70% of his brain.  That would mean 5000 subjects just made him…well, not so smart.”

She nodded again.

“What does Subject 333 have to do with all of this?” Zeta inquired.

The other observer took a moment to control her chattering teeth before attempting speech.

“Yoo uu…” She started.  “You know that the holographic transmitter was hacked last night, right?”

Zeta nodded that he knew.

“Hidden in the code that disrupted our signal was a virus specifically engineered to piggy-back on the signals from the Meglacognitive Generator to our Subjects.  The holographic technicians were able to reprogram 3 of the cities transmitters quickly enough that the virus was unable to spread.  But the 4 transmitters in the outskirts of the city weren’t reached in time.  Every Subject that came within 100 yards of one of those 4 transmitters was infected with the virus.  The virus corrupted the restraining brain shackles that the Generator had been maintaining.  Every person’s original thoughts were restored to them.  And it seems that wrapped up in the virus was a seed of creation that fed on the Generator’s energy to multiply exponentially…”

Zeta held up his hand, “Wait…are you trying to tell me that not only were their original thoughts returned to the Subjects, but then this…this…seed of creation in essence transformed their brains entirely?”

She nodded her head. “The 5000 are now smarter and stronger than any of us.”

“And it all comes from Subject 333.  He is the mastermind behind the mass freedom that just took place on this planet?”

Another nod.

Zeta turned around, closed his office door, and dropped down into his swivel desk chair.  He dropped his head into his hands utterly dismayed at what they had done to another race of intelligent people.  He wished there was something that he could do to make it up to their Subjects…no not their subjects.  He wished there was something he could do for the people of this planet to make up for the wrong that his people had done.

A bleeping noise beckoned him from his computer screen.

“There is something you can do, Zeta.” Blinked in neon green at him.

“Who are you?” He thought back

“My name is Joshua, but you probably know me as Subject 333.”

Zeta inhaled deeply.  Who was this man whose brain eluded their technology?  And who was he that his virus could transform people’s minds making them new creations?

“I will answer all of your questions later.”  Blinked in answer.  “But now we have a planet full of people to set free!”

Zeta would be executed for his betrayal.  He hesitated briefly.  Then memories of his 12 Subjects errant brain spikes reminded him that he’d been suspicious for quite awhile.

“Why the ‘You are not alone’ holograms?” He wondered.

“It was kind of a double entendre.”

Zeta mentally frowned.

“I wanted to let people know that you all were here watching them, plus I wanted them to know that I would not leave them alone…I was coming to set them free.”

“Ok, I’m ready.” Zeta expelled a lungful of air.  “Oh, just one thing  – once everyone has been set free may I join you all?”

“Of course, I already have a room waiting for you Zeta.  And yes you will be able to see 226’s paintings and listen to 124’s symphonies.”  A smile spread across Zeta’s face as Joshua answered his unspoken question.

The virus code with its seed of creation appeared on Zeta’s screen.  With a press of the button he became a vital part of Kirath’s history.  Working with Joshua he helped thousands of Kirathians to be set free, become new creations, and live out their lives in the Ruah Sector.


Until next time blessings and healing

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