One Word Prayer

Dec 19, 2023 | Blog, Tuesday Tidbits

Someone once told me that prayer was simply having a conversation with Jesus.  I was so relieved when I heard that because I had thought that there was some sort of formula that had to be used in order to get the Lord to hear my prayers.  If prayer was simply a conversation I’d be okay.  I was pretty good at conversations.

However, sometimes we are in so much pain or under so much stress that we can’t even get the words out to have a conversation.  So, how on earth do we pray then?

All you have to do is say a one word prayer:  “Jesus.”

The second you say His Name He hears you.  He is there right beside you.  Ready and willing to help you.

There have been several times when all I could pray was “Jesus” over and over again.  Repeating His Name as tears poured down my face.  Those were some of the most powerful prayer moments of my life.  Jesus knew what I needed without me saying anything other than His Name.

When you can’t pray, say His Name.  He will be there for you.


Until next time blessings and healing

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