Will You Stay

Oct 23, 2023 | TCCC

Each month as part of my Visual Storytelling Project, I have to create a mixed media piece of artwork.  i decided that I would use these pieces of artwork as a way for the battered and trafficked women to participate in art therapy in the storyline.  So, each month I am presenting a piece of artwork accompanied by a writing that represents their current struggles as they learn to reacclimate to day to day life.  These pieces will reflect their fears, their battles, their mental health, and how they are learning to cope.  DISCLAIMER:  This mixed media artwork and writing are part of a fictional story.


In the realm of my imperfection,
When melodies falter filling with dejection,
Will you stand tall or turn away?
When my song falters, will you stay?

If I admit my mess, the tears I shed,
Days when getting out of bed fills me with dread,
When loneliness consumes, heart aching in pain,
Will you offer solace, letting love reign?

When all I can do is lament and complain,
Will you listen, or be overcome by the strain?
Can you withstand the weight of my despair,
And see the flicker of hope hidden there?

If I reveal my truth, my story untold,
Will you still find me loveable enough to hold?
Or will my flaws tarnish the image you see,
Unraveling the illusion, that I’ve worked hard to be?

But oh, the fear that grips my core,
To let someone close, to open the door,
To expose the broken, battered within,
A woman scarred, tainted by sin.

Will you gaze upon me, disgusted and cold,
Judging my past, as my stories unfold?
Or will you see the strength in my survivor’s eyes,
Embracing my scars, and my battle cries?

I tremble, terrified, to let you see,
The real me, the one I long to set free,
The broken, beaten, and filthy soul,
That’s yearning for love to make me whole.

So tell me, when my tune goes astray,
When all that’s left is a dissonant sway,
Will you still stand by my side, come what may?
What will you do when I sing out of tune – will you stay?

Until next time pray and play every day

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